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Prana is the life energy.


          Friday, April 20, 2018


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Sexual Health through Vajikarana Therapies

Putraisana or the desire for progeny is one of the primary desires of mankind mentioned in the Upanishads. Vajikarana, or the Ayurvedic science of aphrodisiacs, has always been used to compliment putraisana. Vaji means a sperm and avaji means lack of sperms. Vajikarana is the combined group of therapeutic modalities that remove the state of being avaji.

In ancient India vajikarana combinations were used as a matter of routine before any sexual act. The idea was to enhance the quality of the act as much that of the sperm for procreating healthy progeny.

Most of the people, who have the basic knowledge on Ayurveda, confuse vajikarana with rasayana. Both are different, but both support each other in maintenance of perfect mental, emotional, physical and sexual health. The difference between rasayana and vajikarana is that the former promotes all the dhatus, while the later exhibits its influence on the shukra dhatu and sexual vigor.

To establish the correlation further, letís put it this way. Vajikarana increases sexual potency, but at the same time excessive weakens dhatus. The gap is filled up by rasayanas.

Procreation and recreation are the two uses of vajikarana, which include gratification, positive sexual health, healthy progeny and instant pleasure. Vajikarana increases desire and power to hold it for long, enhances performance, and improves physical and psychological health. Therefore vajikarana is must for all those partners going to start the sexual life and who wishes to continue the sexual life in a better way.

Vajikarana Dravyas (Drugs) and Their Classification

A Vajikarana Yog (Combination)

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About The Author:

This feature is by Dr. AMIT KUMAR YADAV. He belongs to Varanasi, the cultural city of India, and is an Ayurvedic graduate from C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur. He is working as a Lecturer with Dev Sanskriti University, Shantikunj, Haridwar, and is a consultant of Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicine, at Shantikunj Hospital, Haridwar. Herbal research is his main interest.


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