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          Wednesday, June 20, 2018


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Ever heard of dry body massage
or udvartana?

Probably not! Since we all know massage is all about oil. Dry body massage is called udvartana and is done by using soft, fragrant powders derived from herbs. The feeling, like the pwder, is misty and sensuous. Udvartana balances kapha, liquefies adipose tissues, smoothens the skin, strengthens and tightens the body. It gives you the type of an athletic maneuverability.

Normally, powders from astringent herbs are used in udvartana. Udvartana is the last of the processes carried before this, which include a thorough oil massage or abhyanga and then detoxification act or ubvartan using a fragrant blend of purifying herbs. The blend is worked vigorously into the body and the effect seeps pore by pore and layer by dermal layer. Then starts udvartana, particularly around the nadis or body’s energy meridians.

Udvartana helps you:

1) handle aging gracefully
2) remove body fatigue
3) promote eyesight
4) overcome some skin problems
5) strengthen dhatus

Try it some day.


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