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When the patient is weak and the disease is strong, balance doshas.


          Wednesday, June 20, 2018


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Ayurvedic or western medical associations or you as an individual are encouraged to get connected with us. If you have an idea or a plan you would like to take up with us and turn the same into a collaborative effort, we will appreciate your interest. On the other hand, we may have a plan in store for you.

Pharmacists, herbal distributors, medical students, nurses, beauty therapists, spa owners and workers, alternative medicine therapists, research organizations, ethno botanists, traditional healers, lecture and event organizers, media persons, publishing houses, resort owners, Ayurvedic and Western medical doctors, and Ayurvedic institutes are especially requested to get connected. Please submit one of the two forms relevant to you below:

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Wellness and Wisdom

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Weekly business article

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The world of ayurveda:

the world of ayurveda
the origin of ayurveda
The ayurvedic concept of life

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