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Constitutions do not change, perceptions do.


          Wednesday, June 20, 2018


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We would love to hear from you. We want to make your opinion count. Please give us as much of information as possible so we can include your comments, implement your guidelines, bookmark your suggestions, appreciate brickbats as much as bouquets, and should you desire, make the same public with an intention to benefit our visitors. We want to be a reflection of what you want an Ayurvedic site to be. Thank you.

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Wellness and Wisdom

Homing on the Remedies

Wellness and Wisdom with Sanjay Parva

Lets talk ayurveda

Stress Management
through Ayurveda

6 Tastes and Healing


Disease management

3 Stages of Awakening

Blue Morphos Butterflies
in the Colombian Jungle:
Success Story with CAM


Weekly business article

8 Countries to Participate
in 'Raj Ayu Con 2013'

Quest for New Treatments
Drives German Doctor
to Ayurveda


The world of ayurveda:

the world of ayurveda
the origin of ayurveda
The ayurvedic concept of life

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