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Fast once a weak to detoxify yourself.


          Wednesday, June 20, 2018


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Author Name
Posted On
Headaches Dr P M Sharma 1/12/2004
Fibromyalgia Dr P M Sharma 1/11/2004
Depression Dr P M Sharma 1/11/2004
Asthma Dr P M Sharma 1/18/2004
Gout Dr P M Sharma 1/29/2004
Sexual Debilities
And Vajikarna
Dr P M Sharma 2/15/2004
Diet and Disease - I Dr P M Sharma 2/19/2004
Tuberculosis Dr P M Sharma 3/25/2004
Pericarditis Help Dr P M Sharma 5/13/2004
Post-Polio Management Dr P M Sharma 4/9/2004
Prevention and Management
Dr P M Sharma 4/5/2004
Acquired Heart Diseases Dr P M Sharma 5/2/2004
Ignorance Breeds
Heart Problems
Dr P M Sharma 5/20/2004
Managing Myocarditis Dr P M Sharma 6/22/2004
Asthma in Children Dr P M Sharma 8/15/2004
Kshar Chikitsa
for Hemorrhoids
Dr P M Sharma 11/17/2004
Treating Depression Dr. Maulik B Vyas (BAMS; DHM; CFN) 3/18/2007
Breast Cancer Dr. Jyotiraditya Agarwal, M.D. (Ayu) 3/27/2007
Ayurvedic on cancer AAPL Staff Writer 9/12/2008
Managing gum diseases AAPL Staff Writer 9/12/2008
3 Stages of Awakening Richard Harvey 1/23/2013
Blue Morphos Butterflies
in the Colombian Jungle:
Success Story with CAM
Kimberly Burnham, PhD 1/23/2013

Wellness and Wisdom

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Stress Management
through Ayurveda

6 Tastes and Healing


Disease management

3 Stages of Awakening

Blue Morphos Butterflies
in the Colombian Jungle:
Success Story with CAM


Weekly business article

8 Countries to Participate
in 'Raj Ayu Con 2013'

Quest for New Treatments
Drives German Doctor
to Ayurveda


The world of ayurveda:

the world of ayurveda
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