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          Wednesday, June 20, 2018


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Author Name
Posted On
Ayurveda Goes Global
Ayurveda Goes Global Agantuk 1/8/2004
The Herbal Extinction AA News Desk 1/12/2004
Corporate Giant Seeks
Kerala Ayurveda Pie
AA News Desk 1/18/2004
India-China Herbal
Drug Corridor
AA News Desk 1/24/2004
An Army of Ayurveda AA News Desk 1/25/2004
Herbal Exports Potential AA News Desk 1/29/2004
Cosmetics’ Ingredient
Import To European Union
Revenue from the Roots Courtesy EXPORT-IMPORT BANK OF INDIA 2/5/2004
Ayurveda To Bloom In
The Desert At $600 Million
Courtesy Gulf Daily News 2/15/2004
Users Rate
The Best on
AA News Desk 2/17/2004
Boston Medical Library’s
Quest for Ayurveda
AA News Desk 3/3/2004
WHO To Standardize
Traditional/ Ayurvedic Medicines
AA News Desk 2/22/2004
A Shower of Ayurveda
With Monsoons in Kerala
AA News Desk 3/6/2004
Business Excellence Award
AA News Desk 3/17/2004
You Have Won Golden
Web Award 2003 - 2004
AA News Desk 5/2/2004
$58 Billion Worth
of Heart Diseases
AA News Desk 5/2/2004
Efforts To Restore
Ancient Manuscripts
Courtesy ANI 5/20/2004
National Medicinal Plants
Exhibition in Sri Lanka
AA News Desk 5/24/2004
Stonybrook Students
for an Introduction
to Ayurveda
Courtesy TNN Report 6/2/2004
Ayurveda’s Voyage
in Outer Space
Courtesy NNN 6/22/2004
Now Ayurveda Sails
in Houseboats!
Courtesy IANS 6/22/2004
Top-class Health Resort
Launched in Bahrain
Soman Baby
Courtesy: Gulf Daily News
Ayurveda: Modern and
Global Identities

Held in Cambridge
Courtesy The Dharam Hinduja Institute of Indic Research 7/14/2004
Southeast Iowa Becomes
a Mecca for Meditation
Kari Lydersen
The Washington Post
Encourage Medical Tourism:
CII Study
Courtesy The Financial Express 8/15/2004
Ayurveda Travels
West to East!
Courtesy IANS 11/17/2004
Death by Prescription? AA News Desk 11/17/2004
Kerala submits patent
data on 966 herbs
Courtesy The Financial Express 2/1/2005
Shahnaz Hussain wins
business award
Courtesy Indo-Asian News Service 2/1/2005
Madonna Turns to Ayurveda AA News Desk 5/17/2005
EU to Protect India's
Traditional Knowledge
AA News Desk 5/17/2005
INDIA: Seminar on Ayurveda in 21st century Courtesy: CHANDIGARH Newsline 10/18/2005
INDIA: Patenting Ayurveda, Yoga Courtesy: 10/18/2005
Enchanted by Ayurveda,
Swiss Woman Goes Away
the Hindu Way
Courtesy IANS 11/29/2005
Ayurvedic Herb Can
Halt Leukemia Spread
Courtesy ANI 11/29/2005
India Patents
Yoga, Ayurveda
Courtesy PTI 12/6/2005
CDAC Software
to Boost Ayurveda
Courtesy Express News Service 11/28/2006
'Ayurveda village
to open in Kerala
Courtesy IANS 9/12/2008
India working on Ayurvedic
treatment for AIDS
Courtesy IANS 9/12/2008
8 Countries to Participate
in 'Raj Ayu Con 2013'
'Business Standard' News 1/23/2013
Quest for New Treatments
Drives German Doctor
to Ayurveda
'Deccan Herald' News 1/23/2013

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8 Countries to Participate
in 'Raj Ayu Con 2013'

Quest for New Treatments
Drives German Doctor
to Ayurveda


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